NuForce SC-700BB-2.5 Speaker Cable

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Speaker Cable SC-700

Multi-layered, “sandwich” construction and superior shielding significantly reduce interactions with the magnetic fields of associated equipment. The SC-700’s low-impedance design likewise diminishes interactions with variations in speaker impedance, particularly those of the tweeter and crossover, resulting in crisper, more energetic transients, extends and effortless highs.

Focused Field cables offer the following benefits:

- A wider, deeper, richly dimensional sound-stage.

- Extended, exquisitely detailed yet natural-sounding highs.

- Deeper, consistently tuneful bass.

- From micro to macro, a wide and dramatic dynamic range.

- A consistently warm and inviting sonic palette.

Spec: OFHC Copper, PEX dielectrics, Si-Insulators, Gold Bananas

Bi-Wire, 2-leg pants one end, 4-leg pants the other end, bananas (pair)

Cable length: 2.5 Meters
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