Coyote Throne Granite Plinths

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When our friend the coyote wants a good view of the land and a place that's quiet so he can hear sounds from afar off, he often selects a solid outcropping of rock high-up on a hill or ridge. That then will become his favorite spot where he can see or hear anything coming while it's still a way's off. There he feels safe and secure, and will often take a nap to get some rest during the day. In a sense, that big old rock becomes his "throne," and although it may be just a rock, as simple as it is... it serves a darn good purpose and is good enough for our old friend...

Well, your amplifier doesn't really require all that much either. It just needs a good AC power source, some good Input & Output connections, a bit of decent air flow... and a SOLID place to rest. That said, we believe we have found a simple solution that will put an end to the debate about whether or not your amplifier or other gear is resting on a good foundation.

Would a fancy, modern rack or stand be nice? Sure... but for the money you might spend on a pair of decent stands that may or may not get the job done when it comes to isolating your equipment from external vibrations, you can place your gear on SOLID GRANITE BLOCKS and be done with it! Even our smallest 9" x 12" x 3" Granite plinth weighs in at 26 lbs. Add some cone feet between a Coyote Throne Granite Plinth, and the floor, and then maybe some Sorbothane rubber feet between it and your amp or other gear and have the best of both worlds  - ultimate environmental isolation AND ultimate micro-phonic vibration damping!!!

A Coyote Throne can be used under any piece of equipment to improve system performance... and they look cool too. They come in several sizes up to a limit where the weight of anything larger would be unmanageable in the home.

In addition, they all come on two versions - the standard rectangular form and a version that has a ledge at each end for mounting into a frame. The standard form is fine for simple placement on the floor, but if you have a turntable or other gear and maybe some woodworking skills (or you have a friend that does :-), you could build a stand for locating your gear up off the floor at a more optimal working height.

However you use them, all that's needed is a bit of imagination and a few common skill, and with the Coyote Thrones you can build a equipment support system that would rival the best in the world - at least from a performance standpoint. We think a system built with them would look pretty darn cool too!!!

Please Note: Due to the extreme weights involved, the 18" x 24" and 24" x 36" versions are not eligible for our free shipping offer and will require special accommodations for delivery via LTL freight.


  • No-Ledge -- 9" x 12" 2" -- 30 lbs. -- $179.95
  • 2-Ledge -- 9" x 12" x 3" -- 26 lbs. -- $179.95
  • No-Ledge -- 12" x 18" 3" -- 75 lbs. -- $324.95
  • 2-Ledge -- 12" x 18" 3" -- 70 lbs. -- $324.95
  • No-Ledge -- 18" x 24" 3" -- 140 lbs. -- $579.95
  • 2-Ledge -- 18" x 24" 3" -- 135 lbs. -- $579.95
  • No-Ledge -- 24" x 36" 4" -- 430 lbs. -- $1,199.95
  • 2-Ledge -- 24" x 36" 4" -- 365 lbs. -- $1,199.95


NuPrime Evolution One Power Amp

Cone Feet Center-to-Center = 12.5" W x 10" D

Smallest "Best Fit" Plinth = 12" x 18"