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Cary Audio CAD-300SEI Integrated Tube Amplifer (Black)

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Brand: Cary Audio

Color: black


  • 15 Watts per channel
  • 3 RCA inputs and world class headphone section
  • Audiophile reference quality sound for moderate to high efficiency speakers or headphones for the most enjoyable and musical experience imaginable
  • Single ended triode
  • SET class A circuit

Publisher: Cary Audio

Release Date: 18-06-2016

Details: Tube aficionados have long known that the best possible realism and detail comes when an amplifier is run in SET mode, or Single-Ended Triode. This lets one power tube handle both sides of each musical waveform, eliminating some of the most
fatiguing distortions. It results in lower output power, naturally, but with high-efficiency speakers played at reasonable levels, its ultimate simplicity means the ultimate in musical naturalness.
While only offering 15 watts per channel of pure class-A remote-controlled power, the 300SEI does things that almost no other amplifier today can achieve. Its careful attention to design and construction means that it is extremely quiet, allowing the tiniest musical details to float against a background of dead silence. This will help you perceive more accurate sound staging and imaging cues, as well as the most realistic harmonic structure of each instrument. You can tell a Steinway from a Bosendorfer piano, a Stradivarius from a Guarneri or Amati violin, or a Fender from a Gibson guitar. You'll hear inner details of musical groups that you never knew were there. Sometimes the simplest IS the best, and the CAD-300SEI is a testament to that philosophy.

Package Dimensions: 20.0 x 20.0 x 13.5 inches