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As you look around you will begin to notice that Coyote Sound is a bit different than most online audio component resellers. The reason is a matter of focus; simply "selling stuff for fun & profit" is not our goal. There are plenty of others already doing that and we have never been "conformists," so that business model just doesn't fit who we are.

Rather, "convention be damned"... like the rogue coyote we have decided to "go our own way" by instead making it a point to focus on providing the audio community with SOLUTIONS for meeting their needs. DUH - isn't that what you REALLY want anyway?

Solutions Part-1

With a preponderance of information available these days on the Internet via audio user forums, professional review "web-zines," dealer and manufacturer websites, etc., the fact is folks nowadays need a way to keep track of it all, and primarily, help to "FIND" what it is they are looking for.

Therefore, Coyote Sound's solution for helping is to be a comprehensive "reservoir of organized information" that starts out taking the form of an online eCommerce site selling a number of products directly from our own e-Store.

Far beyond any conventional online store though, like an ever-changing hybrid of Audio Encyclopedia + Buyer's Guide, you will find that nigh unto EVERY audio product being sold throughout the world is listed here - or at least that an honest, "serious as a heart attack" effort is being made to do so.

You see, a good majority of audio consumers are also enthusiasts to some degree, and as a consequence have often already done their fair share of product research. So by default, telling them "what" to get (like most others do) involves a certain amount of "elitism" and often a good bit of arrogance, because nobody can possibly "know it all." In fact, promoting such an "authoritarian" perspective often backfires by serving to mislead consumers into thinking that they should exclusively follow said "authority's" recommended purchase guidelines, and thereby causing them to overlook what are actually other, equally viable purchase options.

Then, of course, the cynic in all of us knows there is always the chance that the folks doing the "advising" have some sort of financial or other personal interest in the products that they would advise us to purchase (like getting significant personal discounts on the products that they review, etc.). D'oh... that's not good!

So instead of telling you WHAT YOU SHOULD GET, Coyote Sound simply focuses on showing you WHAT IS AVAILABLE & WHERE YOU CAN GET IT. Now isn't that better?

With so many (or at times, so few) sales channels to choose from, "shopping" for a given product these days can represent almost as much time and effort as figuring out what to purchase. That said, our PRIMARY objective is to simply wade through the multitude of available sales channels throughout the USA and the majority of the rest of the English-speaking world in order to identify "where" you can purchase the items that you are interested in, while also maybe exposing you to a few new ones that you might not have been aware of.

Conversely, if you can't find it here at Coyote Sound, then you likely have your work cut out for you trying to find it on your own, as the very core of our effort involves at least 50% of our time being spent simply tracking down the different sales channels where a given product can be purchased.

Solutions Part-2

Secondary to the above goal of providing the information you need to purchase a given product is an almost equally important goal - filtering out the ENORMOUS amounts of USELESS  information regarding low-cost "consumer junk" that you... the audio enthusiast... have no interest in whatsoever.

In fact, like most of us you have surely been "bombarded" many times with search results that scarcely have anything to do with what it is you are looking for, and even when a given result turns out to be a related audio product it is usually a cheap consumer-grade counterpart. Unless you already know the manufacturer's name and the model name/number of the product that you are searching for, you may NEVER find it online. Heck, searching Amazon alone without that info is enough to drive you nuts, but (thankfully) most of us just give up before then :-))

Here at Coyote Sound we haven't forgotten our roots though, so you can rest assured that the products we provide information on will always be of good, reasonable audio performance and quality. Specifically, where possible we screen-out all products that receive less than the equivalent of "4-Stars" on resale sites like Amazon, etc. Mathematically, that means the product must score an on-average approval rating of 80% or higher by product users and/or professional reviewers, etc. Sometimes there will be a lack of one or the other, so we will use whichever types of  reviews that happen to be available for a given product, with a weighted emphasis on private user reviews when they are available.

In light of the above you can now get started looking for that "special item" that you have been thinking about but putting off for lack of good information on the many options that are available. As an example, you can do a comparison search by opening every similar product in a new search window "tab" and then toggle between pages at-will while you compare notes. There are many other ways to search for what you are looking for as well, and all are right here on Coyote Sound.

Solutions Part-3

Then if during your product search you happen to run into a few technical terms and/or concepts that you are not familiar with and would like to know more about, you can find pretty much whatever you may want to know in our comprehensive LEARN section.

There you will find plenty of technical info and explanations, but little (if any) subjective opinion regarding what technology or construction method is best. While there are clear advantages with respect to one verses another, we leave it up to YOU to decide which is best for your unique needs and requirements.

We invite you to be more like us. Do your own research, form your own opinions and rather than simply following the masses as they are led along by the opinions of an elite few, join the hunt using the "tactics of the pack" that is Coyote Sound... and go your own way.

Happy searching, good listening and...

Much fun ahead! :-)
Coyote Sound!