All NuPrime Component Products Include Free TDSS D.R.R.T. Upgrade & Shipping in the Continental USA!!!

TDSS Upgrade Info


Do you have a favorite audio dealer?

If so, does he or she offer genuine added value with respect to the services that they provide?

Are they knowledgeable about the products they carry?

Do they know how to properly integrate different components in order to assemble a truly superior sounding audio system that meets your performance goals and budget requirements?

Do they know what true “LIVE” music sounds like and have a keen sense of hearing so that they can select and introduce you to products of superior sonic performance and value.

Finally, do they have ANY technical knowledge or electronics skills whatsoever so as to be able to help you troubleshoot something as simple as maybe a Ground-loop problem? Or... are you "own your own" as they "duck & run" by referring you back to the factory for help?


If you answered “yes” to all the above then that’s a great place to start - but it’s only a START. You see, many dealers started out as little more than “audio enthusiasts” that have “evolved” over time into self-appointed “experts.” Unfortunately and all too frequently, over time their “true expertise” often becomes more about finding brands of audio equipment that provide them with the highest profit margins, than true value or anything else. They will “assure” you that “it’s all good stuff” - so long as you buy whatever it is they are selling. While in most cases that is probably true to some degree, one seldom knows for certain. Do those products really offer exceptional value, or are they just “mediocre good” and are “putting on airs” by sporting little more than a high price tag?

It’s all actually pretty sad, because at the audio shows you’ll see these same people all gathered around the local “watering holes” at the end of each show day. There they will try and drown the truth of the matter as thy feign lamenting the fact and pondering the reasons “why” high-end audio has been going the way of the dinosaurs these last few decades. DUH? THEY ARE THE REASON!!!

So forgetting about the profit-motive-only characters, just what do the more “honest guys” really have to offer the consumer? The knowledge and services outlined above? Well… WE AT COYOTE SOUND HAVE THAT TOO.

If a little “information” that most of us can FREELY glean from reading Internet articles is all they have to offer, then what REALLY justifies their skimming the typical 30% to 50% dealer discount off the top of the MSRP that you end up paying? In most cases they’ll complain that Internet dealers like Coyote Sound don’t have any overhead to support, such as that of a typical “brick & mortar” audio store. Yet, for many/most of these same dealers it turns out that their high-end showroom is likely located within the confines of their own home, and therefore does double-duty as their own private listening room/home theater room, etc.

So where is their high overhead? Or would they have you believe that were it not for their audio dealership and demonstration needs they’d be living in a one-bedroom apartment? Yeah… right. These guys are just enthusiasts like the rest of us, and they want to make as much money as they can from their “hobby” so they can continue to enjoy purchasing new gear to support their “audio hardware habit.” And who is paying to support their habit? YOU ARE.

In light of the above is it any wonder that so many high-end audio manufacturers have decided to just cut-out the middleman dealer and sell direct over the Internet? If they have to field all of the technical questions themselves anyway, why shouldn’t they pocket the dealer’s margin and be all the more profitable for it. No… they won’t have any local showrooms, but in many cases they extra profit will allow them to offer 30-day Home trials. In that case then the customer actually gets to hear the equipment in their own home as opposed to the dealers - and at no risk. That’s better for the most part anyway. The manufacturer can also sell the item for less money too, and thereby be more competitive in addition to the other benefits.

In fact, if it weren’t for the fact that folks often do depend on a dealer to help them build their systems, you can just about bet there wouldn’t be any high-end audio dealers at all anymore. That said, for the little benefit that they do offer the consumer combined with all the struggles that the typical manufacturer faces just bringing products to market, we here at Coyote Sound believe there is an inequity between the two that is at work. Frankly, for the profits they glean from what little work they actually do, we believe audio dealers are often substantially overpaid. Tat said, they should either accept a lesser margin OR do MORE to add REAL VALUE to the products that they represent.


It is therefore a direct result of our own philosophy (and marketing savvy :-) that we have decided to reduce the amount of profit that we here at Coyote Sound will make from the sale of all NuPrime components. Rather, we have chosen to “reinvest” that portion of the profits that are over and above what we believe to be fair for simply selling the products, into having every NuPrime audio component (where applicable) that we sell upgraded by TDSS to their D.R.R.T./Level-1 Upgrade status BEFORE we ship it to you, our customer. Rest assured that this valuable and time-proven upgrade comes at NO EXTRA COST to you above that of NuPrime’s own advertised MSRP. Furthermore, we’re even paying for shipping the item to you, so long as you reside in the continental USA.

No, we’re not that “altruistic.” It’s a marketing decision intended to increase our sales valume, and in the process increase our profits too. The only difference is that we’ll have to work a little harder, but doing so will ensure us a more steady level of sales, which is what any viable business needs to survive and grow. Then “sharing the wealth” with TDSS does the same for them, which also increases the odds that they will remain a resource for Coyote Sound in the future too. One hand washes the other.

Then to top it all off, YOU THE CUSTOMER get far more value than you will when purchasing the same products from any other dealer - well… unless and/or until they make the same arrangement with TDSS that we have. You see, we do not have an unfair advantage over any other NuPrime dealer, because if you go to the TDSS Home Page you will discover that they are inviting ALL AUDIO DEALERS to join them. We’re just “smart enough” to be one of the first few to have done so. ENJOY :-)