TDSS D.R.R.T. Upgrade of NuPrime ST-10 BY Paul W.

From Email:

"Dear Bob,

Feel free to use any or all of the below as you see fit.  I've had about a week to listen to my modified ST-10 so far and, although I believe the amp's still settling in, my overall initial impression is "WOOW"!  And it's only getting better every day. Just so you know, I do own (I've been told) a very high resolution system.  So yes, that should make more of a difference I would think.

"Anyway, with your D.R.R.T. Upgrades you have taken what was a $1,600 amp that sounded like a $5,000 amp and turned it into one that sounds (to me with my admittedly limited experience with expensive amps) like a $12,000 amp!

It's now just in another class.  It's better in every way.  Everything is so much clearer, cleaner more articulate and dynamic, dimensional and open - and just plain more real sounding. The music flows more effortlessly than I've ever heard before.  Transients and sibilants are faster and cleaner and natural.  Gone are the usual hifi-electronic artifacts that are so distracting.  All that's left is the pure musical performance. Even imaging is more solid and distinct; and sound staging is more natural and cohesive, effortlessly revealing the venue's acoustics. 

Obviously you've managed to lower the noise floor substantially.  Heck, even bass is improved!  I could use the cliche about lifting a veil and all.  But you've managed to lift two veils!  I could go on.... I'm re-listening to many of my CDs now and enjoying them in a whole new way.  A tremendous success!  Thank you, Bob!  I'm glad I took your advice.  I would absolutely recommend this upgrade to the NuPrime ST-10 power amplifier.  It's a bargain!  It's a no-brain er! 

Thanks, Bob for this upgrade.  It's a revelation!"

All the best,

Paul's SYSTEM:

SOURCE:  Ayon CD-3sx all tube class A, 32 bit-dac cd player (lists for around $13,500) that can be used direct to amp

PREAMP: Stage--one upgraded Wyred4Sound STP-SE - passive/active (around $3,500)

POWER AMP: TDSS Custom Upgraded NuPrime ST-10 amp

CABLES: Darwin Cables' "The Truth" silver interconnects and Acoustic Zen "Hologram II" speaker cables

SPEAKERS: German Physiks "Unlimited II" carbon fiber omni-directional's (list $13,600)

POWER CONDITIONING: PS Audio "Perfect Wave Power Plant 10" power re-generator (List $5,000)

PLUS: various after market power cords and finally a REL S series 10" sub-woofer used minimally and well out away from the walls and roughly even with main speakers.