TDSS D.R.R.T. Upgrade of NuForce Ref-9 V2 by Pat M.

(D.R.R.T. Upgrade Only)


From: Audio Circle Review


"A brief review of my recent experience with Bob Smith of TDSS: 

"I'll cut straight to the chase, however great you think the NuForce amps sound in their stock form, you'll be quite surprised what the TDSS mods can do to make an already great amp (or mono amps) stellar.

Mine have been running-in for about a month or so and they sound cleaner, smoother, quieter, better definition across the board, more space between instruments and a larger stage.

They get completely outta the way of the music, with no harshness or fatigue what so ever, the amps are staying with me for good.

I can't thank Bob enough for the services he performed, I very highly recommend this to any NuForce or NuPrime owners."

Pat M.