TDSS D.R.R.T. Upgrade of NuForce Ref-20 by Spence R.

From Email:


"Hi Bob,

Got the amps this past week and set them up yesterday in the system pictured below. This is a pretty amazing sounding system; VPI Classic 3 with Koetsu Rosewood Signature, Cinemag 20 SET, Eagle/Roadrunner, CJ Premier 15 phono preamp (all upgrades), Modwright Oppo 105 CD Player, CJ Gat Preamp, Maggie 3.7i’s with Mye Stands, REL G2’s,  Shunyata Anaconda loom, Triton/Typhon, all kinds of tweaks and immaculate set up.

To fill in while my Ref-20s where with you for upgrading, I had been temporarily using a pair of Carver Black Beauty 305’s with excellent results……..until I replaced them with the now upgraded R-20’s back from you. Before listening, I ran the system for 2 hours with a CD and switched to vinyl for about 5 record sides to warm up the cartridge. Then I put on a new Mofi copy of Frank Sinatra's “Only the Lonely”. 

As an avid audiophile, I could just start ranting with all kinds of superlatives about how great the system now sounded with the upgraded R-20’s. But, I’ll just skip all that and say it like this; I always somehow knew the incredible sound and music I was now hearing might be possible, but it had always remained slightly out of reach. Not any more.

Between real tears and laughter, all I wanted to do was listen and let myself be absorbed by the music. Every note was suspended in the air, time slowed down, the extensions when Frank grabbed a high note were almost frightening in their dynamics, the textures of strings, drum skins, brass horns, you name it were all vividly real.

And the amps hadn’t even settled down after shipping or broken in yet with the new upgrades; meaning there is even more to go!!!"

Spence R.