TDSS D.R.R.T. Upgrade of NuForce MCH-300C7 by Kerry B.

(D.R.R.T. Upgrade Only)


From Email:


"I multi-amp my DIY 4-way dipole/horn speakers with a pair of NuForce Ref-9 V3SE monoblocks and 6 channels of a NuForce MCH-300C7 V3SE 7-channel home theater amp.

I purchased the amps second hand from Audiogon as V2se's and, over the years, one step at a time, I had them upgraded to V3SE status. The monoblocks have been reasonably reliable and I have always been very happy with their sonic performance. 

The MCH has not been particularly reliable, but, to make a long story short Bob's recent Custom Upgrade has made it so. The MCH is now stable, steady as a rock. Without going into exactly what the upgrades are, I can say they also boosted performance. Absolutely. A lot.

The amps are now absolutely silent on my 100 dB-plus sensitivity horns. I used to have -10dB voltage attenuators on the amp inputs to reduce background noise (mostly hiss), but they are not needed now. Now after the upgrades I hear absolutely zero noise even if I stick my head in the midrange horns.

The overall sound of my system couldn't get much better, all the audio superlatives apply: Bigger, deeper soundstage; perfect timbre; improved retrieval of micro-detail; on and on.

If you are unsure about having your NuForce/Nu Prime gear upgraded, don't be. Jump on it.

Thank you Bob!!!

BTW - The mono blocks are on the horns."

Kerry B.

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