TDSS D.R.R.T. + Power Supply Upgrade of NuForce Ref-20 by Neil R.

(Level-3 Upgrade)


From Email:


"Very happy with the results of your work -  the TDSS Level-3 upgrade of the NuForce Ref 20! My...

Revel Ultima 2 Studio

... speakers really do like the added power, and no longer am I thinking about adding a sub woofer. Big improvement in the overall presentation. They're like a totally different amp altogether except they retain the original "sound" or sonic signature they always had - but better. Much joy from listening to both new music and my old library - the old stuff has new wow factor now! Have auditioned many amps over the years and have settled on NuForce as not only the best value but also with Level 3 upgrade they sound better than much more expensive amps in my system."

Neil R.

Revel Ultima Studio 2

Revel Ultima Studio 2