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Amazon & The Rest


 Regardless of what anyone may think regarding Jeff Bezos and his politics, you have to admit that when it comes to marketing the man is a veritable genius. In fact, if you were being paid to find a minimum of 10 people within any given 24-hour period that would be willing to state that they do not like Amazon, the odds are you'd be going to bed hungry and with empty pockets that night. Amazon is amazing. Period. 

That said, one would expect that such "amazingness" applies  to high quality audio products just as much as it does every other consumer commodity known to mankind - particularly those offered for sale on Amazon. Specifically, many quality audio manufacturers and/or their dealers are now selling their wares on Amazon. You can argue the pros and cons of that, what with manufacturers selling factory-direct and thereby competing with their own dealers and/or cutting out the "middleman" altogether.

Regardless of one's opinion on the matter though, the practice continues. As a result you'll find that products from many well-established audio brands along with those that are less so can be found for sale and purchased on Amazon - sometimes direct from the factory and others from the manufacturer's dealers and/or representatives, etc. The main point being is that Amazon isn't just selling cheap junk or counterfeit products from Asia. Rather there is a lot of really cool, high quality audio gear available there now too.

Well for the consumer looking to purchase said products that's just dandy. Seeing that the traditional "brick & mortar" stores of decades past are all but gone now anyway, a person has to have some way of making a purchase. Those that live in or near the major cities of the world may have other options due to the presence of the few local dealers that remain, but what about those of us poor schmucks that live in "flyover country"? We like audio products too, ya know? Oh gee... thanks Jeff! At least he cares :-)

OK, so Coyote Sound (along with 99% of the rest of the retail world) is gonna have a hard time competing with Amazon for sales, assuming the sale of a product is all that we really have to offer. Fortunately, we here at Coyote Sound have our association with TDSS that allows us to offer our customers a very unique service and added value like few others can - Amazon or otherwise. Then again though, if we're talking about offering a large diversity of products most companies can't even begin to afford the investment, warehouse space and overhead it would take to compete with a reseller 1/10th the size of Amazon.

So well, heck. Does that mean there are no opportunities left for starting an online eCommerce business dedicated to serving the audio enthusiast market? Not necessarily. The "wise" coyote knows better than to try and compete with the big, bad wolves, though. So if you can't beat them, then why not JOIN them?

The fact is that Amazon is so big that it can't keep track of itself, or more succinctly, it can't make up its mind what type of customer it wants to appeal to. Face it: running the equivalent of a monopoly does have its pitfalls, and the dilemma for Amazon is that with SO MANY different customers coming from every walk of life, it can't figure out who its "favorite customers" are. In trying to appeal to everyone, all it effectively manages to do is confuse anyone that tries to search for a given product using Amazon's search engine.

Actually, if you replace the word "life" with "Amazon," then Forrest Gump came about the closest to getting it right. When searching for a certain product, "Amazon is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get." Amazon knows they have a problem too. That's why they developed their "Affiliate Program" in the first place. In doing so they are out-sourcing the task of identifying individual groups of consumers that share a common interest in a certain category of products. Well, being the savvy observer of the wild that it is, upon discovering this fact fact Coyote Sound then reckoned that helping the "big wolf" during a hunt was preferable to competing with him, and it turns out that doing so has its secondary benefits as well.

The upshot is that via their affiliate program we can help Amazon by helping folks find what they are looking for on Amazon, and in the end help ourselves a little too. Everybody wins. Therefore, as you "poke around" our website you will find that most of the products that we have listed for sale are actually being sold by Amazon, and that we are simply "re-directing" you to the Amazon page they are being showcased on.

Coyote Sound = Curators of Superior Audio Products

If you aren't familiar with the concept, this type of advertising is called creating a "Curated List" of products - meaning the products listed have been specifically hand-selected because they exhibit the properties of some preferred class or category of attributes. In this case, with no less than a 4-Star Rating the products that we have selected to showcase here on Coyote Sound have been chosen because they represent an 80% or greater likelihood of receiving favorable acceptance by the buying public. In other words, you can trust the products that we list here at Coyote Sound have been REPORTED BY OTHERS (not us) to deliver superior performance and/or value.

The Rest

As we go along there is a good chance we will discover similar opportunities being offered by other vendors of audio products. If so, then we may just make a similar arrangement with those folks too.

And why not? Everybody wins. Folks looking for audio products will find more to choose from in one convenient place here at Coyote Sound, and in return maybe we get to pay our mortgage and ultimately retire someday. Thanks for your help and enjoy! :-)