About Us

In the “wilderness” of high-performance audio, like the occasional rogue coyote we tend to rebel against social conventions and go our own way. In order to survive and thrive in a market that is filled with hype and deception behind every tree, it’s wise to employ some creative thinking, good wits and a bit of savvy too. Just like that beautiful native of North America, often times we choose to stray from the pack. Like he in his world, to be successful in today’s audio marketplace it’s always wise to be a step ahead of the rest and know your way about the forest.

Coyote Sound was born in the heartland of the Midwest and is the progeny of a deep-seated passion for all things “audio.” With experience that spans several decades, we are committed to promoting the art of high fidelity music playback by continually staying abreast of the latest technological advancements. That combined with our commitment to “old-fashioned” principles & ethics, and you can look forward to a refreshing alternative to the Internet-era’s faceless and often “somewhat less than ethical” practices. 

With Coyote Sound as your partner you’ll quickly discover that there's still some “real help & friendship” to be found, alive and well here in this good old USA. So in that regard we may be a bit behind the times, but you see... just like a small pack of rogue coyotes… we’re going our own way. Won’t you come join us?