(1) PAIR NuForce IC-700 Interconnect XLR

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The NuForce IC-700 Interconnect
Like the SC-700 Speaker Cable, the IC-700 Interconnect features Focused Field design, implemented with a hollow-core conductor for maximum skin surface and conductor proximity. The IC-700’s low-loss dielectric permits extended highs with minimal signal degradation and dielectric interaction. The double-layered shield, consisting of copper braid and copper foil, offers the highest degree of signal isolation across the frequency spectrum. And, like our speaker cable, the IC-700 features OFHC copper for the smooth signal transmission via a virtually flawless, grain-free conductor.
Focused Field cables offer the following benefits:
- A wider, deeper, richly dimensional sound-stage.
- Extended, exquisitely detailed yet natural-sounding highs.
- Deeper, consistently tuneful bass.
- From micro to macro, a wide and dramatic dynamic range.
- A consistently warm and inviting sonic palette.
Spec: OFHC Copper, PEX dielectrics, 95% OFC Braid, 24K Gold connectors.
Cable length: 2 Meters
* Sold in pairs, one left and one right RCA

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