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Filtered Power Distributor

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f-TP615 AC Power Filter/Distributor
Featuring Axial Locking System and EMI-Absorbing GC-303

Also available in 230V schuko model (f-TP615E)


  • All conductors treated with Furutech’s α (Alpha) Cryogenic and Demagnetizing Process
  • Nonmagnetic 24k gold-plated α (Alpha) phosphor bronze Pure Transmission Receptacles feature nylon/fiberglass bodies incorporating nano-size ceramic particles forming an extremely effective nonresonant body
  • Furutech’s Axial Locking System lowers receptacle resonance by a factor of 10
  • AC-1501 noise-filter inlet features 24k gold-plated α (Alpha) brass conductors
  • Beautifully-crafted highest-grade aluminum chassis effectively shields against RFI (Radio Frequency Interference)
  • Piezo ceramic and nano-carbon damping spikes
  • Layer of Formula GC-303 bonded to the bottom plate effectively shields against EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference)
  • Star-wired conductors of Furutech α (Alpha)-22, 3.8 sq. mm (12 AWG) for low electrical resistance insulated inside resonance- absorbing tubing


  • Rating AC 125V 50/60Hz 15A
  • Movement Temp -10~40 ℃
  • Grounding Outlet 6 Holes
  • Preservative Temp -20~50 ℃
  • Filter Type Noise Filter Inlet+GC303 Absorbs Internally Generated EMI
  • Body Material Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • Outward Size 250X127.5X70 mm ±0.5mm
  • Weight 1,2kgs(Approx.)

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