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Aether Audio Blog - Comments Welcome!

We're Back!!!

  WELCOME ALL! After a long hiatus were back in business and better than ever! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to post them here and check back often as we will do our best to answer and keep you updated. We will be standing by. Thanks for visiting and... Take care, -Bob

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Our Journey - A long and Winding Road For Sure!

Hey Folks,Bob of Aether Audio/SP Technology here - FINALLY... back again, older, MUCH wiser and only just a bit worse for wear. Licking my wounds and coming out of the shadows has taken a good decade, and a fairly tough one at that... but by the Grace of God we survived. For those that might be wondering why I am writing this now, the following is being offered to help answer the questions of those along the way that have been concerned and/or curios. For the rest, take it all as a good example of just what a nightmare something...

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